The Bride & The Grooms
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The Bride & The Grooms movie poster


The Bride & The Grooms is a feature-length romantic comedy about a woman who accidentally gets engaged to four men at the same time.

It's a sweet, silly and smart story about how men and women miscommunicate. The movie is clean and family-friendly. It will premiere in select theaters around the country April 24-26, 2009.

The picture stars Jacilyn Ledford as the bride-to-be and Shaphan David Seiders, Michael Wendt, Christopher Leabu and Oliver Gray as her potential grooms.

It features Sara Rouse, Kendra Norris and Melissa Logsdon as the bridesmaids. Steve Ryan and Linda Ryan play the parents of the bride. Krystle Suszter portrays the owner of the bridal store, and Cari Kristoff is her assistant.

The movie was written, directed and produced by Butch Maier.

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