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Jacilyn Ledford


as Taylor Green

Free to be Me was the jumpstart into the acting world for Jacilyn Ledford. At the age of 9, she got to play a Hollywood actress in her elementary school play. She still isn't sure if it was being on stage or wearing the feather boa, but she was hooked from the fourth grade on.

Jacilyn went on to act in her middle school and high school plays and musicals until she was invited to her first "real" movie set on campus at Tri-C. Donnybrook was Jacilyn's introduction to acting in front of a camera, and she has not stopped since.

She has worked on several indie shorts and feature films in the Cleveland/Akron area, including: Unspoken (Cinema 2:16), God's Children (American Marriage) and Cheap Sunglasses (FrightTek), to name a few. She also worked on an Internet TV show with Lucid Vision Entertainment.

While acting is Jacilyn's No. 1 love in life, she is currently a middle school social studies teacher, which is her No. 2 love.