The Bride & The Grooms
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Writer, Director, Producer

Edward H. "Butch" Maier, Jr. developed a fascination with movies at an early age and has watched his favorite film, Jaws, countless times. Somehow, he still manages to go into the ocean every few years. The Bride & The Grooms is Butch's first produced feature.

Butch acted in a few school plays, playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz and Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas. He earned an A+ on his college theater final exam for his portrayal of an undead soldier in some play he can't even remember. Still, acting wasn't for him.

When not making movies, the Akron, Ohio, resident is a sports copy editor for The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. He also has worked as a sports page designer at the Boston Globe, St. Petersburg Times, Akron Beacon Journal, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Gaston Gazette.

In his spare time, Butch churns out screenplays, some of which should never be seen by human eyes. The Charleston, W.Va., native attended high school with future Alias star Jennifer Garner, and when she got started as an actress, he told her he would write a screenplay for her one day. The lead role of Taylor Green in The Bride & the Grooms was, well, tailored for her, but since she was unavailable, he decided to make the movie on his own.

To prepare for a feature, Butch wrote and directed the comedy short Head of the Company in 2007. In addition to writing, directing and producing The Bride & The Grooms, Butch also served as the editor, casting director, location scout, music supervisor and publicist. He could have written several other roles here, but really, eight is enough. He is thankful for his forgiving God, thankful for his forgiving wife Aimee and thankful for them giving him his three precious sons, Will, Ben and Jack.


Director of Photography

Christopher Jay Gresham

Christopher Jay Gresham was born in Cleveland in 1974 and grew up in the eastern suburbs where he attended Hawken School. After traveling the United States, he began a career in manufacturing which quickly gave way to his love of film.

He got his start filming concerts while on stage with major hip-hop artists including Method Man, and Jadakiss. Chris then became involved in independent film as a cameraman.

Some of his work is included in Ed Dole's feature-length film Cooking with Cleveland and also in the shorts Dropping Like Spies and Butch Maier's Head of the Company. Chris enjoyed working with Butch and jumped at the chance to join the crew of The Bride & The Grooms.

Chris recently completed another short for The 48-Hour Film Project as DP and is currently working on a second documentary for Hawken School, with more projects in development.


Sound Designer

Jesse Dill

Ever since Jesse was a little kid, music has been a part of his life - playing trombone, clarinet, piano, drums and guitar. He always knew he had a life in sound.

He couldn't be a rock star, so he decided to go to school for Recording Arts and Technology. Now he is a sound engineer, recording everything from hip-hop to heavy metal.

Jesse has experience working on film sets as well, with jobs ranging from boom operator to sound production mixer to sound design as well. He has worked on Basic Instructions for Happiness, which was a part of The 48-Hour Film Festival for 2008, and Crooked River Groove, a multi-award winning public access show that provides live performances for local bands.

He currently is working on a short film, Vows, for the Ohio Student Film Festival as well as post-production sound for a full-length film, Cooking with Cleveland.