The Bride & The Grooms
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Send your questions to Questions are answered by writer, producer and director Butch Maier.

Q: How did you find your lead actors?
A: I placed ads on for our area and casting calls on Web sites for local acting groups. Then I held auditions in party rooms at area restaurants and in a library basement.

Q: What kind of cameras did you guys use?
A: We used standard-digital cameras from the Panasonic DVX100 family and shot it at 24p for a film look.

Q: How did you get your movie in theaters?
A: I looked up theaters, state by state, on and found ones that had just a few screens or obviously were not part of a theater chain. Then I sent hundreds of e-mails and made hundreds of phone calls to find out which ones had DVD projection and reasonable rates. Some theaters took an upfront fee. Some took a percentage of the ticket sales. The average theater asked for $300 upfront for one showing. The percentages were a bigger range – from 20 to 65 percent.