The Bride & The Grooms
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Balcony Church Shot FYI

The main character, Taylor Green, was written specifically for Alias star Jennifer Garner, who attended high school with writer-director Butch Maier. Since she was unavailable, Maier auditioned Ohio actresses and one woman who drove in from Michigan.

If Maier had a daughter, he had planned to name her Taylor. He had three sons. So he includes the name Taylor in each of his screenplays.

Lead actress Jacilyn Ledford was out of town during the first two sets of auditions, which took place in a library basement and a pizza shop. Another actress was cast for the role of Taylor. The other actress backed out of the movie, and Ledford auditioned in another restaurant when she got back in town. That restaurant has since been closed down.

The original script was about seven fraternity brothers who all thought they were marrying the same woman. It was called One Bride for Seven Brothers. Maier eliminated two of the guys and renamed it Engaged in Conversation, but people he spoke to in Hollywood hated that title. He later eliminated one more guy and renamed it The Bride & The Grooms.

Maier saw Michael Wendt in American Stories and was about to track him down for the role of Steve Whipple when Wendt’s resume showed up in an e-mail.

Shaphan David Seiders was cast to play a baseball player and then appeared in a photo and article in Maier's newspaper about his role in a play ... as a baseball player.

Oliver Gray was a stand-up comedian with no acting experience. Butch asked him to audition for the role of a comedian, he made Maier laugh and then was given the part ... of a minister.

When the role of Freddy Cipoletti had to be recast just a few weeks before the shoot, Maier remembered the owner of a restaurant mentioned his buddy was an actor. A phone call, another recommendation and a film clip later, Christopher Leabu had the part.

The movie was shot with a low-five-figures budget over two weeks in July 2008 in Akron, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Charleston, W.Va.

While shooting a scene after midnight on the steps of the West Virginia Capitol, several hours after they were supposed to have vacated the premises, a police officer interrupted the shoot. The cast and crew were going to have to drive back to Akron that night, and they thought they would have an incomplete scene ... when the officer asked if he could watch. As it turns out, he has a son named Brody -- the name of the police chief in Jaws, Maier's favorite movie.

Three Panasonic DVX100 cameras and 60 mini-DV digital tapes were used, shot at 24p standard and framed at 16x9 for a film look. Editing was performed with Final Cut Studio on an iMac.

One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie was shot on the back steps of a Charleston law firm. The last name of the contact person? Taylor.

The wedding scenes took place at Bath United Church of Christ in Bath Township, Ohio. The church asked members of the congregation to stay in their seats, and the movie crew was allowed to set up right after a Sunday service.

All actors worked for deferred pay. Some crew members did, too. All songs were donated by unsigned musicians.

Hollywood producers started inquiring about the remake rights even before editing was completed.