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Sunday, February 22, 2009

New trailer on the big screen

The second trailer for The Bride & The Grooms will premiere on the big screen!

The new, twisted version will be shown Thursday, March 5, at Chagrin Cinemas before Hellementary, another Ohio-made indie. Hellementary, a horror flick about mysterious deaths at an abandoned school, is scheduled to be shown at 6:50 and 8:50 p.m. No word yet on whether the TBATG trailer will play before one or both showings.

For more information about Hellementary, visit Support local cinema and go see it! You also could talk up TBATG while you are there, and drop me a line telling me what you and the audience thought about the new trailer. Since I am locked inside my editing cave until mid-April, I will be unable to attend.

For tickets to Hellementary and The Bride & The Grooms (Sunday, April 26, 4 p.m., the Cedar Lee), go to

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's on in Akron!

The Bride & The Grooms will premiere at the Highland Theater in Akron, Ohio, at 2 p.m., Saturday, April 25. A Q& A session with the main cast and crew will be held after the showing.

The movie was shot primarily in the Akron area last July, and two of the lead actors -- Jacilyn Ledford as bride-to-be Taylor Green and Michael Wendt as potential groom Steve Whipple -- are University of Akron graduates.

We are excited to share the movie with people from the community, who will get to see many familiar locations in the picture. TBATG features shots from Akron, Bath Township, Copley, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Medina and Richfield.

The wedding (oops, did we give anything away?) was shot at Bath United Church of Christ.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Welcome to the official Web site for The Bride & The Grooms!

This romantic comedy motion picture -- about a woman who accidentally gets engaged to four men at the same time -- opens in select theaters around the United States the weekend of April 24-26.

Curious? Check out the first trailer, which can be found in the section conveniently labeled "TRAILERS." (Yes, that's trailers, plural. At least two more will be posted soon.)

Here's what else you will find on this site:

ABOUT: Basic movie details, with a look at the early version of the poster.

BLOG: Writer-director’s musings. Always musing, sometimes amusing.

CAST: Main actors’ bios. Meet some talented, up-and-coming stars!

CONTACT: Subscribe to the newsletter to get e-mail updates. It's free. Really.

CREW: Crew members’ bios. Meet a few of the people located just a few feet or inches out of camera range!

FAQ: Questions and answers. Feel free to ask away. We'll answer what we can.

FYI: Interesting tidbits. Did you know the script was written for Jennifer Garner?

MYSPACE: Page link, which features a PayPal link to pre-order the DVD and soundtrack CD.

NEWS: The latest info. I mean, the very latest. This is it. Right. Now. You are reading it. The very. Latest. Info.

PHOTOS: Images from the set. We also welcome photos from the premiere weekend! Take photos of a marquee with the movie's title and a line of moviegoers curling around the block. We wish. Well, make our wish come true! Invite all your friends!

SHOW TIMES: Listed alphabetically by state.

Check the Show Times section for theater updates as we try to get the movie shown in as many states as possible that weekend. Theaters in 13 states have confirmed they are showing the movie, and we are waiting on confirmations from several more!

Thank you so much to the first 15 theaters scheduled to show TBATG: Chandler Cinemas in Chandler, Arizona; Cinebarre in Thornton, Colorado; Theatre N at Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware; 5 Points Theatre in Jacksonville, Fla.; Village Theaters in Rome, Georgia; YES Cinema in Columbus, Indiana; Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts; Grand Cinema Hinckley in Hinckley, Minnesota; Darress Theater in Boonton, New Jersey; Cedar Lee Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio; Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon; Park Place Stadium Cinemas in Charleston, West Virginia; LaBelle Theater in South Charleston, West Virginia; Warner Theatre in Morgantown, West Virginia; The Alchemist Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I look forward to adding many more names to that list.

Here’s how you can help our little movie with big dreams:

1. Buy tickets in advance from the theater nearest you which will be showing the movie. If we can sell out shows early, then the movie can stay in theaters for extended engagements. Yes, pun intended. Pun always intended.
2. If the theater nearest you is three states away, you can change that! Find indie-friendly, non-chain theaters in your area. Ask them if they have DVD projection available. If they do and will show The Bride & The Grooms for a split of the tickets, then e-mail us ASAP with the theater’s name and location at
3. Copy and paste "" into e-mails, instant messages and Facebook status messages so your family, friends and co-workers will know about the movie and will come see it. We don’t have an advertising budget, so we are relying on word-of-mouth and media coverage to get this movie seen by as many people as possible.

Thanks for your time and interest!

Butch Maier
Writer, Director, Producer, The Bride & The Grooms


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